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Become a silver member of walk · listen · create for just 5 euro per month, or 50 euro per year.

As a silver member here are the connected perks:


Become a gold member of walk · listen · create for just 10 euro per month, or 100 euro per year.

As a gold member, you get all the perks of the Silver plan, and in addition:

  • You are identified as a supporting member with a gold bullet, close to your profile picture.
  • You are highlighted (on rotation) in the "Check out these creators" section on our homepage.
  • You get a 20% discount on sponsoring our weekly curated newsletter (with a yearly membership).


The Platinum plan is an institutional plan for organisations which provides a Silver membership for up to 25 individuals, at 50 euro per month, or 500 euro per year.

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137.5 / 250 euro per month


How do we plan to spend your money? By giving back to the community, you.

€250/month: member-sponsored, hand-curated weekly newsletter

Up to 250 euro per month in support, for each consecutive 50 euros, we will prioritise member-sourced sponsorship of our weekly hand-curated mailing, for one week of the month. This mailing is available to everyone.

€750/month: Reaching out to non-English speakers

When we reach a total of 750 euro per month in support, we will, every three months, translate the website's interface and institutional pages to a new language. We will do this in the following order: Portuguese, French, Spanish, German.

After the first four languages, we might consider additional languages, or look at our more lofty aspirations.

Lofty aspirations

With additional support, we can consider a range of ideas, including, but not limited to:

  • Traveling exhibitions
  • A financially sound, and yearly, Sound Walk City
  • Physical publications