Sound Walk September

In 2017, the Museum of Walking, of which Andrew Stuck is the founder, sought a means to celebrate outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances, listening walks and sound walks. He has been podcasting for a decade as Talking Walking, in which he has interviewed dozens of sound walk creatives who bemoaned the fact that much of their work had a very limited lifespan. Frequently commissioned for a festival or an one-day event, and often superseded by technological revisions, many sound walks are no longer accessible. So we set out to create Sound Walk Sunday, as a day on which we could promote existing works and encourage these creatives to reprise older walking pieces or make new work. We then collected these works in an open access online database and archive and were pleasantly surprised by the number of contributors (over 80 new works were made) and by the enthusiasm for live events to take place globally on the day.

Establishing Sound Walk Sunday was given a boost by its inauguration in 2017 during the international walking arts encounters Made of Walking in La Romieu, in south west France, with participants from 17 countries, and 6 live sound walks events during the encounters, along with daily public Talking Walking interviews in English and in French during the week long event and podcasts. The 2019 edition of Sound Walk Sunday had the organisational support of the international Made of Walking network consisting out of 900 walking creatives worldwide.

Teaming up at the end of 2018 , with Geert Vermeire, the convenor of Made of Walking, writer, curator and a locative multi-media expert with a focus on the environment, travelling and living in between Europe and Brazil, and with Babak Fakhamzadeh, an award winning locative app developer, based in Sao Paulo in Brazil, we reprised Sound Walk Sunday in 2019 as a global festival, in a joint organisational structure of the Museum of Walking and Made of Walking, with key institutional partners in Brazil, Australia, Greece, Spain, Germany and Poland.

Stella Wisdom, Digital Curator at the British Library hosted, in the run up to Sound Walk Sunday, our ‘Explore with Sound Walks’ symposium, a half day event in June, which saw presentations from experts from Poland, Greece, Spain, Brazil and the UK. By this time, we realised that Sound Walk Sunday was evolving into a month-long Sound Walk September, becoming not only a showcase for innovation, but also a valued community-building resource, bringing practitioners together, many of whom are remotely working creatives who have previously felt isolated or ‘ploughing a lonely furrow’.  

Attend an event

Dozens of events in many countries, covering all inhabited continents of the world took place during September 2019. The events for 2019 are listed on the Museum of Walking website. Upcoming events can be found in our events listing.

Experience a walking piece

Visit our directory of walking pieces to discover sound walks to listen to or follow.

Media enquiries

Sound Walk Sunday 2019 Media Resource is available. You can also read the FAQ. You can also join our group on Facebook and talk with other walking artists. Sound Walk September also has a dedicated Twitter account.

Support us

Sound Walk September is a volunteer-led festival, with contributors and organisers earning no fees, with many hundreds of people volunteering time and effort. We are establishing an Advisory Board and if you are interested in becoming more involved or are able to support the project through a financial contribution or by volunteering time and effort, please get in touch.

Use the hashtag #SWSYY, with YY replaced by the last two digits of the year when publishing to social media. So, #SWS19 and #SWS20 for Sound Walk September 2019 and Sound Walk September 2020, respectively.

How to create your own piece

Want to know how to make sound walk? Go to our FAQ.

Submit a walking piece or event

To submit a walking piece or event to our directory, go here. Your submission will be available for the the public to access at any time.

Walking in step with

For 2019, we would like to acknowledge the support of:


Key contributors and supporters:

  • Marcin Barski, founder of IPD (Soundscape Institute of Poland) – Poland.
  • Hamish Sewell, founder of Soundtrails – Australia.
  • NG Bristow – Goldsmith’s, University College London UK
  • LISTEN, – a summer of sound Frome – co-ordinator Mel Day, curator Helen Ottaway from ArtMusic – UK.

Platform partners:

We would also like to thank:

  • Department of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia (Florina and Lesbos, Greece). Organiser of Walking Arts Encounters-Conference Prespes 2019. 
  • hearing places –  an Australian online umbrella for creative projects which unite sound and place.
  • Stella Wisdom, Digital Curator at the British Library
  • And of the many artists and creatives who have submitted their work.