Yonatan Collier

Producer, composer, creator or AR musical experiences

Award winner SWS23 shortlisted
Currently based in Amsterdam, Yoni Collier has created location-specific Augmented Reality artwork in the Netherlands, UK and Malaysia. These works will form the portfolio for a practice-based PhD that is due for completion late in 2023. He has presented these works at conferences in Lisbon, Barcelona, Leeds, Canterbury, Huddersfield, Derry/Londonderry and Groningen. He has also published numerous papers and a book chapter on these works. He has received awards both for the works themselves, and for his writing on them.

Yoni has also worked as a music producer for more than a decade. A former member of Heads We Dance, Deuce & Charger and Lone Wolf, he has performed at venues and festivals across the UK and Europe. He has been signed to multiple record contracts with labels such as Warner/679, Viper, Liquicity and This Is Fake DIY. His music has frequently been supported by the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, BBC 6music, Mixmag and DJ Mag. He has written and produced music for major brands (Burberry, Monster Energy, Vogue, M&S, New Look) and has had his music synced across major TV networks (Disney+, ABC, ITV, Sky Sports). He has scored films that have been exhibited at numerous international film festivals including the BFI London Film Festival and The ECU European Independent Film Festival, where a film he scored, ‘Battlecock!’ won the audience prize. Yoni holds a BA in Popular and World Musics from Leeds University and an MSc in Sound Design from Leeds Beckett University.

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