22 Apr 2020 | Jack Lowe

Introducing Canterbury in 3 Words

For the past seven months or so, I’ve been developing a location-based game as part of my PhD research. Building on early experimentation in the first year of my PhD, as well as The Timekeeper’s Return, the mixed-reality game I created for Canterb...

04 Jan 2020 | LucyFurLeaps

Sward {skin of the earth}

My new chapbook, Sward {skin of the earth}, published by Sampson Low Ltd, is available for purchase here Sward + post and packing UK £3.50 GBP EU £4.50 GBP Rest of the world £5.00 GBP Sward represents my walks up and down the central reservation of the A240, Kingston Road, from the Tolworth Roundabout to … Continue reading Sward {skin of the earth} →

31 Dec 2019 | Jack Lowe

Making The Timekeeper’s Return: Legacy

After the big day, I was invited to run one more meeting with the Cathedral Quarter team – to talk about how The Timekeeper’s Return went, and to celebrate the efforts of everyone involved in making the event a success.When planning my presentation for...

22 Dec 2019 | Jack Lowe

Making The Timekeeper’s Return: The Big Day

Printing and cutting out QR code stickers in preparation for the eventI told myself that I’d get at least 7 hours of sleep before the big day, but who was I kidding?Instead I spent several hours printing and cutting out about 10 sets of 18 QR code stic...

26 Nov 2019 | Jack Lowe

Making The Timekeeper’s Return: Testing

___________________________________One year ago this autumn, I reached the culmination of an overwhelming three months of creative work and collaboration when I designed, wrote and directed The Timekeeper’s Return, a story-based immersive treasure hunt...