20 Jan 2020 | Curated News

La Passante Ecoutante #1

This new show by Niki Matita features audio walks done during travels, strolls with friends in the neighbourhood, deep listening to the changes of everyday surroundings and sounds alike. Source: (8) La Passante Ecoutante #1

16 Jan 2020 | Curated News

The Longest Walkable Distance on Earth

Joseph Pisenti of RealLifeLore (previously) offers a "brief overview" of the longest pedestrian distance between two points on the Earth's surface. This Source: The Longest Walkable Distance on Earth

13 Jan 2020 | Curated News

Walk with a Turtle – Flâneurs today

In current thinking about urbanity, the ideal of the citizen is making a comeback. It is a citizen for whom the city is more than a zone for consumption and is, on the contrary, a fascinating source of inspiration. A short introduction into the world of the flâneur. Source: Walk with a Turtle - Goethe-Institut

11 Jan 2020 | Curated News

Seoul | walk21

Walk21 leads the global walking movement providing news and updates on relevant walking reserach, policy, projects and commitments internationally. Source: Seoul | walk21

11 Dec 2019

Sound Walk September 2019 winners

For the Sound Walk September Awards 2019, over 60 contributions were accepted, connected to over 80 events worldwide. Accepted pieces were sound walks, or walking pieces, created in 2019. A huge variety of formats, approaches and subjects from a wide range of creative disciplines, including arts, heritage and history, health and wellbeing, silence and architecture, social practices, journalism, performance, literature and … More

03 Dec 2019

Call for submissions Streetnotes : “Walking in the Digital City”

Dr Claudia Brazzale and Blake Morris are editing a special issue of Streetnotes, a peer-reviewed biannual journal for the interdisciplinary study of the city, its lifeways and social relations, with a special concern for the cultural and aesthetic forms that arise through its traffic. A new generation of artists working in and across disciplines – dance/choreography, performance, visual art, music, … More

02 Dec 2019 | Curated News

Simplified “Focused Research” | Diigo

Focused Research is a  feature that allows you to re-use your saving preferences with minimal effort.  Once you are in the research mode, the same set of tags, outliner and group are automatically … Source: Simplified “Focused Research” | Diigo

08 Aug 2019 | Museum of Walking


Jungle-ized by Soundwalk Collective (2016)  App by Motive.io for Soundwalk Collective Featuring Amazon Rainforest Sound Environments Recorded by Francisco López Shipibo Tribe Voices and Songs Recorded by Soundwalk Collective Art Direction by gpsmuseum.eu. Available through the JUNGLE-IZED mobile app, the virtual soundscape is composed by Soundwalk Collective and features Amazon rainforest sound environments recorded by […]