Geert Vermeire is a curator, poet and an interdisciplinary artist, living and working between Brazil, Greece and Belgium. As collaborator and team member of, and, and co-coordinator of the global community event Sound Walk September he develops collaborative creative processes and methodologies, departing from social practices and the ethical involvement of cultural action, together with (sound) artists and activists comprising ecologists, anthropologists, musicologists, engineers and multimedia artists.

He is managing director of the Milena principle since 2003, an interdisciplinary art platform with a focus on ecology and science, and founder-coordinator of the global walking arts community "Made of Walking", bringing together sound artists, creative walkers and researchers: in 2016 and 2017 with creative encounters in Delphi (Greece), and in 2018 and 2019 as well in France, Cyprus and in North-Greece. From 2015 on he is continuous curator at the Analogio Performative Arts Festival in Athens, with a focus on outdoors performative activities, including walking and the relation between public space, text and locative media/locative writing - ambient literature.

He is as well co-coordinator of e-Amazonia (embrace Amazonia), interdisciplinary residency in the Amazon rainforest and a platform for digital arts with an ecological focus, to be established in 2020.

He was a visiting artist and lecturer in many art institutions and universities worldwide, for example in Parsons New School - New York, New York University, Boston Society of Architects, University of Sao Paulo, University of Brasilia, British Library, University of Edinburgh, University of Athens, University of Lisbon, RITCS Brussels, Academie des Beaux Arts Brussels, next to working as a curator and as a poet in the cities above.