11 Jan 2020 | Blake Morris


8/52 Join me  on Sunday, 12 January 2020 for the inaugural walk of score 8 . I’ll be walking in Northampton, but you can join me from anywhere in the world. Contact me for more details: [email protected] If you’d like to join me in person h...

07 Jan 2020 | Blake Morris


7/52 First walked 6 January 2019 by Blake Morris in Northampton, United Kingdom. A walk from Northampton’s north gate to south gate, following the trail of the old wall.

23 Dec 2019 | Blake Morris


5/52 Check out Patrick’s post ‘Do you know the Muffin Man? Walking in Da Lat’ to read more about his walk in Vietnam. First walked 22 December 2019 in Fresno, California by the Hardens, the Morrises and Dilia; and in Da Lat, Vietnam by Patri...

14 Dec 2019 | Blake Morris


4/52 First walked 15 December 2019 between chocolate shops in Brooklyn, New York City by Bess, Vige, Brett, Kaitlyn, Waverly, Harlan, Emily, Maya, Matt and Dilia; and in Bournville, England by Rosemary and Ritz.

05 Dec 2019 | Blake Morris


3/52 First walked Sunday, 8 December 2019 by Blake Morris, Carissa Hope Lynch, Scott Schwager, Melanie Shearn, and Greg Tyldesley in Elephant and Castle, London, England; Danya Mahni Gomez-Douglass in Goa, India; Chris and Sally Stenton in Grafham...

05 Dec 2019 | Blake Morris

52 Scores Set

52 Scores (2019-2020) The next walk for 52 Scores will be: Sunday, 8 December 2019 - Elephant and Castle, London, UK (or from anywhere in the world) Every day I am picking a piece of scrap paper to add to a weekly walking collage. After 7 a...

29 Nov 2019 | Blake Morris

52 Scores – 2/52

2/52 < Train ticket receipt with pasted on text. The text reads: 'a profoundly social activity', going for a walk with collaborators at a distance, body-to-body solitary dérive the artist is no longer in town correspondence between a work of art, ...

26 Nov 2019 | Blake Morris

52 Scores

52 Scores (2019-2020) So much scrap. On my bookshelf sits a pile of scrap paper: mailers, print-outs of old drafts, REF guidance documents and outdated cases studies. I decided to put it all to good use. Every day I am picking a piece of scrap p...