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Laonikos Psimikakis Chalkokondylis

Shakuhachi player, composer, and teacher.


SWS Grand Jury 2024
Laonikos Psimikakis Chalkokondylis is a shakuhachi player based in London. He performed with Sam Lee as part of Singing with Nightingales in May 2023, his album ‘loess’ was released in 2022 by Slow Tone Collages, a collection of long, slow improvisations on shakuhachi and live electronics on the banks of River Lea. In his music, Laonikos explores the relationship between ourselves and the more-than-human: how do we rediscover our place in the larger scheme of things in a way that blends in, that relates creatively and playfully to the world around us? He is a Making Tracks 2020 Fellow and was awarded a DYCP Grant by Arts Council England in 2022. He has performed at the Barbican Centre, Kings Place, Sarawak Parliament and Helsinki City Centre and has appeared on BBC3 and Resonance FM. He is a trustee at the European Shakuhachi Society.


A workshop with walking at its focus.

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