To infinity, and beyond

We’re working on some exciting updates, which will also see our Android version come out of beta. Part of the update sees our compass view being livened up with infinite map-related patterns, for which we’ve commissioned several artists.

Artists that helped us out come from Europe, Asia and Latin America. A few we like to highlight:

Monika Angelevska is studying fashion design in Macedonia. She has a lot of experience in the fields of fashion and art, with a large number of runways, exhibitions and awards under her belt. Originally starting with designing fashion patterns, she broadened her scope and is now designing a much wider range of objects. Monika is an ambitious young professional, with a passion for graphics, photography and art.

Svetlana Krsteska is a self-taught artist and her work mostly consists of paintings and drawings, usually of people. She enjoy representing things in a colourful, vivid and semi-abstract way. But, she’s interested in any branch of art that let’s her express her creativity.
Digital art is something that she started doing more recently, and she’s enjoying the difference.

Barbra Yaquer is a 23 year old graphic designer and freelance illustrator from Venezuela. She has a degree in visual communication and graphic design from the Instituto de Diseño Darias in Caracas. For a long time, her passion has been with illustrating children’s books and creating fantasy illustrations, which has become her side-job, using the pseudonym Deastarte. As an artist, she enjoys all the things nature has to offer and in her work you can find a lot of organic lines, colors and mediums, connecting fantasy with reality and sharing her fantasy world with the spectator.
Some of her work and sketches are on her Instagram and Tumbler.

Giovanna Matos and Guillermo Sergent are an artist couple in their early twenties, based in Aragua, Venezuela. After working together at a national TV production company, they started their own business, Astronave, where they specialise in illustration, painting and drawing, when Guillermo isn’t working on his passion as a musician.
Astronave’s work can be seen on Instagram and Fiverr.

Sara Jayne is a creative graphic designer, web designer and animator from Pakistan, having been active since 2002. She believes in hard work and loves to play with colors, because colors are the smiles of nature.