30 Days of Walking: Sound Walk September 2020

We are creating a collaborative sound walk. You are invited to participate in a project involving scores or participants, with the aim of creating a 30-day sound walk.

How does it work

Participants, you, select one or more ‘time slots’ during the month of September.

You commit to going for a walk, during this time slot, for the duration of the period you indicated.

You make an audio recording during your walk. This can be a recording of your full walk, of just a short portion, or anywhere in between.

After your walk, you upload your audio recording.

Anything you submit is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license.

How to participate

  1. If you are not logged in, log in, here.
  2. Come back to this page.
  3. To commit to a walk and recording, select the Calendar view below, select a date, pick a time.
  4. Go for a walk during your selected time slot and make an audio recording.
  5. After your walk, upload your recording; Select Mine, below, check the selection for which you want to add audio, and press ‘Add audio’.
  6. Listen to recorded walks through the calendar, or after pressing List, below.
You need to be logged in to participate.
01 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
02 Sep Susanna Evelyn Kelly Markovich Geert Vermeire Details
03 Sep Kelly Markovich alison Details
04 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
05 Sep Kelly Markovich Lark Details
06 Sep Kelly Markovich Andrew Stuck Details
07 Sep Kelly Markovich Helen Ottaway Details
08 Sep Andrew Stuck Kelly Markovich Details
09 Sep Kelly Markovich kdiekman@csusm.edu Details
10 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
11 Sep Kelly Markovich Gilles Malatray Details
12 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
13 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
14 Sep Miranda Andrew Stuck Kelly Markovich Details
15 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
16 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
17 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
18 Sep Kelly Markovich promenadologie Details
19 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
20 Sep Kelly Markovich Details
21 Sep Fay Stevens Details
22 Sep Details
23 Sep promenadologie Details
24 Sep Details
25 Sep Details
26 Sep Details
27 Sep Details
28 Sep Details
29 Sep Details
30 Sep Details

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