Participate in Shorelines, a collaborative project on writing and reciting, focussed on the dividing line between land and water..

In conjunction with the Gower Walking Festival, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Wales Coastal Path, with a prize for creative writing for Shorelines submissions  upto a deadline of 30 September 2022. We are delighted to announce the winner of the competition and of the prize of a book token, kindly donated by Cover to Cover, Gower’s local bookshop. Congratulations to David Thompson and his submission “Rock pools on the tide line.”

Thanks to all who took part, and do please keep submitting stories and poems inspired by shorelines…lake, river or sea…

How does it work?

You can participate as a writer, by writing and submitting a text, poetry or prose, of under 250 words.

You can also participate by reciting a submitted text and recording your submission, either as audio, or video.

Both writers and reciters can submit images connected to their work.

Are there limitations?


  • Your submitted text has to be 250 words or less.
  • You can only submit work that you have the right to distribute. So, you can not submit copyrighted texts or images. Unless you hold the rights.
  • By participating, you make your submitted work available under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license. This basically means others can use your work, on the condition they credit you, and that they do not use your work commercially.
  • We might remove submissions we think are inappropriate.

How do I start?

Just follow the prompts below.

You need to be logged in to participate.


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