30 Jun 2018 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2018-06-30 14:56:33

Rocks were gathered and royally mailed–circulated between myself in London, Jess in Aberystwyth and Julius in East Sussex. Walking is slow. The post slows it even further. They call it snail mail for a reason. ‘Long Shore Drift’ drifted on across an unseasonably warm June; a welcome excuse for a beach excursion (if the littered shore […]

30 Jun 2018 | News

Success at the Golden Foot Walking Awards

Samoan family walking clubs, a radical solution to a dangerous intersection and a hunt for the Gruffalo are among the winners of this year’s Golden Foot Awards. The bi-annual awards ceremony is held by Living Streets Aotearoa to celebrate projects that...

29 Jun 2018 | Tracey M Benson

ANZSOG BehaviourWorks Behaviour Change Masterclass

This week I went to the ANZSOG Behaviour change in public policy masterclass led by BehaviourWorks.  The two-day workshop aimed to help participants to use tools that can increase the chances of behaviour change in a target audience. The course focused on methods that could be scaled for projects of different sizes and with different budgets and was led by […]

28 Jun 2018 | News

AA Directions story on Pedestrian Safety

Hi Living Streets Aotearoa, Here is a PDF of the Directions story on Pedestrian Safety we talked about a while back when you came to visit.The readership of Directions has increased recently and the magazine now has a circulation of ABC Audit 643,522 a...

27 Jun 2018 | News

Education Gazette ISSUE: VOLUME 97, NUMBER 10

Living Streets Aotearoa executive committee member and former Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown says while some ideas, such as the walking school bus, were implemented here because they were proven to be effective overseas, others are dependent on the ...

27 Jun 2018 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2018-06-27 13:02:25

A Compilation of Other Peoples Thoughts: Instructions. Score. Assignment. An abandoned elementary school just out of sight on the daily commute. Playing the lava game; don’t touch the sides. You’ll BURN. Circumambulating heritage’s perimeter. Gone too far on the edge of the world. A ninety minute walk along the cinder block walls (not pictured). In […]

27 Jun 2018 | Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage - Blog

Walking with trees and empire in Cheltenham

A (dis)enchantment in Cheltenham walking in Pittville park with Cheltenham Tree Officer Chris Chavasse, a Speculative Art School...speculation...  Walking slowly and at times without talking (the most difficult bit) considering the multilayered stories folded into this place and our entangled presence there. Huge trees from the original planting propped up and surviving. Old.Rattling notions of time and place and queering where is here...the stone itself. The pumproom built o [...]

27 Jun 2018 | 33 Temple

Visit to A. Farm in District 12

On Saturday 23 June I ventured out into the wilds of District 12 in search of a new venue called A.Farm.The venue hosted an inaugural exhibition called 'All Animals are Equal' which featured work made by around 100 artists. I actually discovered that h...

25 Jun 2018 | ossjay

Swansea sea, print & Scribble

During a June heatwave, a gentle breeze off the sea helps make a good day out with friends.  Last Saturday was also special, because three of us were converging on the Swansea Print Workshop to become part of Rose Davies’ … Continue reading →

25 Jun 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Finding Time With Flowers in Green Park

Green Park early on a May week day morning Impressions: Flowers, lush greenery, wild meadow, tourists, central London, royal buildings Question: If you are in an office for most of the day, how can you find a few minutes or longer to take a walk and spend some time with summer flowers? Find out more … Finding Time With Flowers in Green ParkRead More »

25 Jun 2018 | Tracey M Benson

Ancestral Journeys at ISEA 2018

If you are lucky enough to be heading over to Durban to ISEA2018, try and find some time to check out Ancestral Journeys, which is being included as part of the artistic program. To date, Ancestral Journeys has been presented at: CSIRO Discovery Centre 2018 (AU) SCANZ2018, Parihaka (NZ) RIXC Open Fields 2017, Riga (LV) […]