Where do we go from here?

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Paris, France

Walking piece details

LanguageFrench, Flemish, English

“Where do we go from here?” Walking piece – developed by Claire Alice Thill at the end of her residency at Fondation Biermans Lapôtre in Paris in 2017, with the support of Focuna Luxembourg. At the moment the project has different tracks that are linked to specific itineraries and places in and around Paris.

“Where Do We Go From Here?” explores the physical, cultural, philosophical, and social connotations of the utterly normal quotidian activity that is walking, while also acting as a reflection on how we can discover and rediscover a place through the stories and paths of its inhabitants. I worked with composer Georg Brenner to create a soundscape, combining city sounds with original melodies overlaid with recordings from interviews I made during my residency. Originally the audience would borrow a headset from the gallery and take a new walk across the city, following any of several different itineraries and listening to the audio stories. Thus not only were they walking in someone else’s “shoes,” but they would also simultaneously hear someone else’s voice, the sounds merging with their own inner monologue, allowing them to see the all-familiar landscape through a stranger’s eyes. Some of the tracks are now to be discovered on my soundcloud page.

Near Paris, France

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