30 Aug 2018 | base80

51st Parallel North Results

 I have walked the walk, in total the journey was 614 km long, the deviation to the north or south was +/- 7km (total 14.4km) total elevation 6573 meter, highest point 633 meter. It took me 19 days, 18 nights, one slept outside all the others in hoste...

29 Aug 2018 | Tracey M Benson

The reluctant scientist: learning pathways and bias

There have been many times over the past 18 months where I have thought to myself “what the hell am I doing” or “how did I get here”? Those moments have been daunting as well as opportunities for reflection. When I think to the different research and creative projects I have done over the years, […]

28 Aug 2018 | News

Wāhine Walking on Suffrage Day

An after work walk, starting at the Suffragists Petition past ten sites including places celebrating Māori wāhine, women artists, writers and refugees.Koha to Eva's Wish charity against sexual violence.starting National Library Foyer, Thorndon

28 Aug 2018 | News

Skypath gives Auckland's feet a lift

Living Streets Aotearoa President Andy Smith says "Skypath will be a wonderful connection for Auckland's walkers, runners and wheelchair users as well as cyclists. Skypath gives Auckland's feet a lift!"He adds "It's a pleasure to have worked with cycli...

28 Aug 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-08-28 16:40:00

Pilgrimages, Shrines, Walking, Making Labyrinths and Story Telling.In her talk at the conference  Beyond The Pedestrian: Walking in Research, Theory, Practice and Performance in Liverpool on July 26th Professor Dee Heddon stated that we learn...

25 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Frenchmen’s Trail Walk, Day Five

I was humbled by my blisters twice yesterday. First, I couldn’t walk more than a couple of miles. And then, when we arrived at our destination, Judy, who trained as a nurse, taped the blisters for me. That was especially humbling, because after four days on the road, my feet–to be blunt–stink. I’m still hopeful […]

24 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Frenchmen’s Trail Walk, Day Four

A good night’s sleep can do marvellous things. Last night, I was sure I’d be riding in the truck today. I could hardly put any weight on my blistered foot. This morning, the blisters are still there, but after I put on my shoes and socks, I found I was walking almost normally. So I’m […]