• Lise Brenner

    Lise Brenner

    Lise Brenner is a performer, writer, choreographer and dramaturg. Her location-specific interactive pieces link history (official and oral), memory (collective and individual) and meaning (social and personal) in urban spaces. Her work, in the form of danc...

  • Walking Event

    Dancing Landscape x Presentscape

    Lise Brenner
    · 2022-07-09 06:00
  • Simone Etter

    Simone Etter

    #collectiveArtPractice #creatingplatforms #investigativeArt #empowermentArt #encounteringArt #Artagainstcapitalism #participatingArt ...

  • Walking Event

    LONG DISTANCE ROUNDABOUT a hybrid walk (remote)

    · HUB Prespa · 2021-07-07 16:00
  • sinwah

    Sin Wah Lai, multimedia artist. Through collage, multimedia installation, performance, interactive experience, and socially engaged projects, she combines images, organic material, natural elements, ready-made, texts, voices, drawings, and/or bodily approa...