Anastasia Polychronidou

Anastasia Polychronidou

Dramaturg | Maker
(Greece / Netherlands)

Anastasia Polychronidou is a dramaturg, maker, and researcher of performing arts. She works with choreographers as a dramaturgy consultant in Greece and abroad. As an independent researcher, she focuses on site-specific methodologies, urban mobility, and social theories. Specifically, her lectures and workshops on walking as a participatory method have been presented at conferences: Dance Days Chania Conference (Greece 2019); Theater Critics and Performing Arts Department, University of Athens (Greece 2021); IFTR Performing Arts Department, University of the Arts (Iceland 2022), Walking as Research Question Conference, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands, 2022), Connective Symposium, Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (Netherlands, 2022).

In 2021 her project The Body_Public was selected from the WAC Walking Arts Festival, in Prespa Greece. Since then, The Body_Public has been presented at the OPAF, Online Performance Art Festival (USA 2021), and is part of the ‘WALK WITH US’, a Walking-based Art Exhibition, Rochester Art Center, Rochester MN (USA 2022). In 2022 she earned a residency from Duncan Dance Research Centre in Athens. Through the ‘Moving Ground’ program, she presented her second participatory walking project, Third Space, as part of the European Dance Network EDN Atelier, co-organized and hosted by Duncan Dance Research Center (Athens, Greece 2022). Since February 2022 she is a member of the Advisory Board on Public Space, in the City Space Architecture non-profit organization in Bologna, Italy.

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