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Adrienne Mackey

Adrienne Mackey

Swim Pony creates unique and deeply investigated live experiences that defy tradition, and invite audiences to become curious, critical thinkers in the world.

A leader in works merging theater and game design, Swim Pony has recently launched experiences such as The End, a month-long ARG and immersive theater work played via text message that invites its audiences to explore their fears around death and dying; War of the Worlds, a game/theater collaboration with Drexel’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio casting gentrification as an invading alien force; TrailOff, a mobile app using GPS to embed original audio stories on nature trails throughout the Philadelphia region; and Aqua Marooned!, a nature-themed card game that invites players to explore the watersheds that surround them.


Back in the 1500s, nuddle had a few meanings that congregated low to the ground: To nuddle was to push something along with your nose or nudge forward in some other horizontal manner. By the 1800s, nuddle started referring to stooped walking, the kind of non-jaunty mosey in which someone’s head is hanging low. You can hear a touch of contempt in a phrase from an 1854 glossary by A. E. Baker: “How he goes nuddling along.” Credits to Mark Peters.

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