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I am an Artist, Speaker and Writer with a long career teaching art in prisons. I write a monthly blog ( and talk all over the country ( about the topics that interest me deeply: crime, punishment and prison reform; remembrance and memorials; WW2 and Nazi Germany; art and reconciliation... all good cheery stuff! And I am currently in the final stages of writing my first memoir / non-fiction book about the emerging subject of intergenerational trauma and inherited emotions. It will be published by Penguin Transworld in July 2022.

Colour, painting and making art have been a huge part of my life, often combined with walking, as has using art in therapeutic ways. ( I often bring the landscape - mud, sand, ash... or cake - into my work. It's the oft-overlooked beauty in the everyday I am particularly interested in.

I am passionate about walking and hiking and always have been. I love long distance trails and have done a few. And Walking-Talking is an area I am currently developing as a tool to talk about difficult, painful or uncomfortable subjects in order to heal. People, as I came to discover walking the Camino de Santiago after the death of my father, find it so much easier to open up while walking side by side, supported by nature and the grounding rhythm of our footsteps. I like to offer the opportunity to do this to others, at the moment just casually, maybe one day more formally.


To work or walk hurriedly. from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982).

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