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Dawn’s art is about relationships. She is a Canada-based multimedia artist with a socially-engaged practice, specializing in video and audio art, installed, broadcast and performed in public spaces.
Her work can be found at festivals, galleries, museums; in national publications and on broadcast stations; but lives best in forests, train stations, fountains, barns and alleyways in your neighbourhood.
Through inclusive artistic practices, Dawn seeks to interrupt civic and social spaces with unexpected moments of beauty, curiosity and joy.
Her relational interventions hope to offer liberation from everyday suffering and to dismantle barriers between individuals by creating alternative stories that build compassion and kinship.
*Her most recent work, How To Draw a Forest (Trees, Mental Health and Creativity), will result in immersive participatory Audio Walks that wind through an Arboretum in Guelph, Canada, guided by a team of youth with lived experience of mental illness.*
You can find out more about her work at thiswasnow.com
MultiMedia Artist who works with a social practice. Background as radio and video documentary producer. Currently on Canada Council grant creating site-specific, narrative- based sound walks in a forest on the parallel crisis mental illness and clima...

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