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Kris Darby

Kris Darby

(United Kingdom)
I am a senior lecturer in drama and performance at Liverpool Hope and have written numerous articles on drama, theatre and performance. My research concerns walking as an aesthetic practice with a specific focus on imaginative travel. I have explored the significance of walking on the stage and has recently developed this research into studies of the symbolic walking of labyrinths and mazes as well as digital ambulation within walking simulator video games. As a sound artist, my work engages with the merging of self with place, exemplified by his ongoing project If Walls Could Hear (2014), which captures the listening of places through binaural recording.


A drawing made on an outside environment, trafitti combines the word “graffiti”, to inscribe a surface, “trace” (which itself combines the meanings track, to make ones way, and to draw), and “traffic”, the passage of people or vehicles in transit, or the conveyance of messages or data through a communications system.

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