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Robert Woodford

Robert Woodford

(United Kingdom)
I'm the co-founder and executive director of the non-profit Deep Time Walk Project and founder of Opus Earth. I previously worked in senior roles at Qualcomm and Adobe/Macromedia. I have degrees in Science and Theology from the University of Edinburgh, New Economics from Schumacher College, Management from Durham Business School and Music from Durham University. I'm a classically trained singer and enjoy running, kayaking and wild swimming. Born at 330.43 CO2e ppm in 01976.

snaffle, snoodle

These fanciful-sounding words have no definitive origin: They probably just sounded right to someone who was sauntering, which is what they both mean. An Oxford English Dictionary (OED) example from 1821 describes someone “soodling up and down the street.” Credits to Mark Peters.

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