Sarah Hymas is a text-based artist, living on Morecambe Bay. Her writing appears in print, exhibitions, videos, lyrics, on stage, and radio. Recent books include ‘melt' (Waterloo Press, 2020) and 'the hispering' (BlackSunflowers 2021). Her artistbooks have been featured in The Guardian Online, The Times Literary Supplement, and are held in the National Poetry Library, London. She's written site-specific pieces told through geocaching, augmented reality, microprint, performance and audio, and works in collaboration with other artists, writers, and oceanographers. @sarahhymas

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  • Walking Event SWS20

    The spaces between the words – Practices of locative literature

    Geert Vermeire
    Andrew Stuck
    Stefaan van Biesen
    Babak Fakhamzadeh
    Elspeth Penfold
    Lucy Jeffery
    · 2020-09-25 18:00
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