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Tamsin Grainger
I am a walker, writer, collector of images and sounds, and Shiatsu practitioner. Until Covid-19 restricted my travel bug, I lived in Edinburgh for half the year and moved around Europe for the other 6 months. I am mostly in Scotland now, although I have recently returned from the International Walking Encounters Conference in Cataluña where I presented the Camallera Sound Walk which I made in residence in Spain at the end of 2023.

My first sound/art installation is in the Trinity Tunnel of the Edinburgh cycle path network. Called 'No Birds Land' (2021), it was shortlisted for Sound Walk September, as was my second, The Wall, on the edge of Granton Harbour (2022). The wall is the primary character in this sound walk. It has a distinctive voice and is not shy to speak, indeed it has something to say about the loss of common spaces and coastal erosion which it faces on a daily basis.

Under the overall title of 'Separation and Unity', a series of mini-pilgrimages were carried out in Cataluña, and 'Body Walking' ws my Walking as a Question (Prespa, Greece) walkshop. The 'Tree-Feeling Walk' and 'Knock on Wood' were Urban Tree Festival events in 2021 and 2024 respectively. 'Walking Between Worlds' and ‘Is There a Place for REVOlution? or Peace and Biscuits’ were part of the Terminalia and 4WCoP Festivals of Psychogeography in 2020 and 2023. Walk This Weekend (#walkgoesviral) featured in the WalkCreate Gallery (a Glasgow University project) as well as the Social Art Library, a 'Death Walk for Life' was a Tea Ceremony and walk as part of 'Borrowed Time' (, and 'Precarious' is a sound walk film which was part of Walking the Land's presentation at the University of the Highands and Islands 'Edge' conference in December 2021 and shown during ArtWalk Porty in 2022.

Enjoying secular pilgrimage, in October 2021 I walked the Pilgrimage for COP26 from Dunbar on the east coast of Scotland to Glasgow across the Central Belt of Scotland and along the Firth of Forth.

I regularly participate in drifts and works by other walking artists, including 'A Different Lens' (Billie Penfold), Fay Stevens' 'Cabinet of Curiosity', Stephanie Whitelaw and Elise Ashby's 'Peripheri', several Dawn Walks with Blake Morris, Sunday 'Distance Drifts' with Sonia Overall, and divers contributions to Kel Portman's Solstice and Equinox assemblages (YouTube). I am a member of the Women Who Walk network and recently walked a Night Walk with Clare Hind in Yorshire.

I hold online Death Cafes, and have extensive experience in Embodiment Practices and Touch for Grief. 'Clipp'd Wings' (which featured on the Walking Artists Network and other websites) is an art project addressing what it is like to 'stay put' (lockdown 1), and my walk-essays have been featured in Caught by the River.

Walking Between Worlds has been a cemetery walk in Leith, Edinburgh and online, and in early 2020, my Shetland trip was cancelled, so my interviews with women who live there, about place and belonging, were made over the phone while we each walked in our own countries. This, and many other projects, can be found on my blog and on my main website.


If you sleepwalk, or just like to stroll about after dark, you have a tendency to noctambulate, or walk around at night. Credits to Mark Peters.

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