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Effie Yiannopoulou

Effie Yiannopoulou

Effie Yiannopoulou teaches English and Anglophone literature and cultural theory at the School of English at Aristotle University, Greece. She has an interest in twentieth-century women’s writings, Black-British and British-Asian literature, postcolonial and cultural theory. She is especially interested in questions of mobility (including migration), embodiment, race, national identity and community-building especially in relation to gender structures. She is currently Director of The Laboratory of Narrative Research ( which is based at the School of English at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has co-ordinated its academic activities and events for the past three years. For a fuller CV see

the [video]flâneur

The artist walks like a „Flâneur“ through the city. He does not have a turtle with him (as the original Parisian Flâneur of the 1830‘s used to); later, he does not write stories, he does not write poems. He has only a video camera. He takes shots of the city; he takes shots of the “life” of the people of the city, sometimes he also shoots “himself” (…without camera moves, without zooming, without special lighting, with original sound, without permission); Later he chooses and combines the scenes, Installs and presents them online, offline, on site or off site, always under different contexts.

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