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A Seattle source of power

15 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
Little Dalles (historical), United States. The Boundary Dam is operated by Seattle City Light, the electrical utility for that city, and provides up to 40% of the power for Seattle, nearly 250 miles away. The powerhouse was built inside the cliff, and gene...

Boston Marathon Bombing Film Set

15 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
West Corners (historical), United States. A movie set depicting the residential street in Watertown where the police hunted for and found the surviving Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, remains, decaying, on the edge of the old runways of the form...

The Boston Gas Tank

15 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
Fort Winthrop (historical), United States. In 1971, the Boston Gas Company commissioned the artist (and nun) Corita Kent to turn what many considered to be an industrial eyesore into a popular landmark.

Between earth and space

15 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
West Baker (historical), United States. The town of Boron is unusual as it is located between the world's largest Borax mine, visible to the north, and one of the nation's largest rocket test areas, visible on the hill to the south.

An Air Station and Prison

14 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
West Baker (historical), United States. At a remote desert site six miles north of Kramer Junction is a former military base and Federal Prison Camp, with an active FAA radar facility.

Crossing the border… underground

14 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
Bellingham, United States. In 2005 a drug-smuggling tunnel was discovered by border officials, just a hundred yards east of the Lynden/Aldergrove Port of Entry. It connected a Quonset hut on 0 Avenue, on the Canadian side, to a house in the trees on the so...

A quirky collection of small buildings

14 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
Cupheag (historical), United States. Some may call it a compound of follies, this is indeed a curious collection of unusual architecture amassed and built by the Boothe brothers, who lived at the site from the early 1900s to 1949.

Classic Replay/Kenny Aronoff-One of the great drummers of our time.

14 Jun, 2024 · Takin’ A Walk
Join @TheBuzzKnight for this Classic Replay Takin A Walk episode with the great drummer Kenny Aronoff. Kenny is one of the most talented and passionate musicians you'll meet, talking about his influences, his work ethic, his work with John Mellencamp, work...

Frankie Archer in Consett (and other parts of County Durham)

13 Jun, 2024 · Folk on Foot
Frankie Archer brings traditional folk tunes rushing into the 21st Century. The singer, fiddle player and electronics wizard made an acclaimed appearance on Later With Jools Holland, who described her music as “astonishing”. In this episode, Frankie ta...

Walking Into Self Worth With Alex and Libby

12 Jun, 2024 · This Morning Walk
Alex and Libby catch up in a conversation that explores self-worth, breaks down negative self-talk, and challenges future aspirations (they also try to figure out how to finally open their own tea shop together…someday). Keep in touch: https://www.t...

Mike Campbell-Guitarist-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Dirty Knobs

11 Jun, 2024 · Takin’ A Walk
Join @TheBuzzKnight for this episode of Takin A Walk with the great guitarist Mike Campbell. Mike was a member of The Heartbreakers with Tom Petty, and he is also the leader of his band The Dirty Knobs. This episode celebrates the new release from The Dirt...

Classic Replay with Country Music Singer-Songwriter Matt Stell

10 Jun, 2024 · Takin’ A Walk
Join @thebuzzknight with Country Music Singer songwriter Matt Stell.Support the show: for privacy information.

Grammy Winning, Hall of Fame Guitarist Carlos Santana

7 Jun, 2024 · Takin’ A Walk
Join your host @thebuzzknight on this Takin A Walk episode with Carlos Santana. There is only one Carlos Santana. He is a true legend, still creating and still touring. Carlos discussed his upcoming Summer Tour, produced by Live Nation with The Counting Cr...

Viggo Mortensen/Actor/Musician/Filmmaker-Star of "The Dead Don't Hurt"

6 Jun, 2024 · Takin’ A Walk
Join @TheBuzzKnight for this Takin A Walk episode with American Actor Viggo Mortensen. Viggo's accomplished movie career has included great roles "The Lord of the Rings", "Crimes of the Future", "Thirteen Lives" and "Green Book" and now he is the Co-Star, ...

Walk Star Stories: The Impact of Consistency and Commitment with Silas Grant

5 Jun, 2024 · This Morning Walk
Fellow Walk Star Silas Grant joins Libby to share his journey of transformation through walking. “I started my walk five years ago, in June of 2019. Around that time, my wife and I had our daughter and I was at home with her on paternity leave. At the ti...

Official Folk Albums Chart Show—4th June 2024

4 Jun, 2024 · Folk on Foot
This month’s show features music from Beth Gibbons, Ferocious Dog, Emily Barker, Kathryn Williams and Withered Hand, Blue Rose Code, Josienne Clarke and Good Habits. There’s also news of a new episode of Folk on Foot featuring Frankie Archer.---We rely...

Steve Howe-Guitarist from the Progressive Rock Band Yes

4 Jun, 2024 · Takin’ A Walk
Join your host @thebuzzknight on this Takin A Walk episode with the Hall of Fame guitarist from the progressive rock band Yes, Steve Howe. He continues touring with the band and they discuss many of the classic moments in music history that the band has gi...

The Road to D-Day, Bernard Morgan's Story

Bernard Morgan was the youngest RAF sergeant to land on Gold Beach during D-Day, 6th June 1944. He enlisted on his 18th birthday in 1942. In this interview with Jonathan Kempster of the Imperial War Museum Sound Archive, Bernard explains how and why he end...

Classic Replay/Singer-Songwriter-Author Bebe Buell

3 Jun, 2024 · Takin’ A Walk
Bebe Buell continues to be around the music scene to this day and we enjoyed a glorious walk in the Nashville area together, telling stories of Todd Rundgren, The Stones and much more. Bebe is a lover of country, rock punk and more. A true storyteller and ...


2 Jun, 2024 · Placecloud
Dublin, Ireland. My mother Cherry had a penchant for lying down beneath trees in our garden and in wild Wicklow.


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