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Bonus Episode: Maddy Prior and Peter Knight in conversation at Cecil Sharp House

12 Sep, 2022 · Folk on Foot
Singer Maddy Prior and violinist Peter Knight were at the heart of the success of folk rock pioneers Steeleye Span. In this candid interview with Matthew Bannister on stage at the Indoor Festival of Folk at Cecil Sharp House, they recall the heady days of ...

Fair Winds

1 Sep, 2022 · Slow Radio
The ever-present and changing sound of the wind on Fair Isle.

Fay Hield at the Soundpost Weekend in Dungworth

11 Aug, 2022 · Folk on Foot
The singer, songwriter and academic Fay Hield invites us to a Soundpost Singing Weekend in the village of Dungworth on the outskirts of Sheffield. Guests include Sean Cooney of the Young’uns and Rowan Rheingans who wrote special songs for the event. But ...

The Reluctant Pilgrim (Radio Walks) … a funny thing happened on the way to the priory.

22 Jul, 2022 · Radio Walks & Sound Stories
The site of Ivinghoe Benedictine Priory, dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch, lies in the hamlet of St Margaret's, between the villages of Great and Little Gaddesden, in the North Chiltern Hills. On the 1,718th anniversary of Margaret's martyrdom, local pe...

Sounds of the Earth – May

22 Jul, 2022 · Slow Radio
Relax with a calming mix of music and natural sounds. Featuring recordings of birdsong from Kelso to Senegal sent in by Radio 3 Breakfast listeners listeners Betsy Barker, Caroline Fiennes, Helen Boyles and Ros Bleach.

Food and Fuel Crisis – the Medieval Cooking Solution – The Sewing Rooms social enterprise (Sound Story).

18 Jul, 2022 · Radio Walks & Sound Stories
Paula Gamester is the Founder and CEO of The Sewing Rooms, a social enterprise based in Skelmersdale in the north of England. Aware of the cost-of-living crisis that has hit many families in the United Kingdom she designed a product that drastically cuts c...

The Musical Village of Pathhead, Midlothian

15 Jul, 2022 · Folk on Foot
Join us on a walk around the unassuming village of Pathhead, Midlothian, just south of Edinburgh, which is home to a whole galaxy of Scottish musicians.We start with singer songwriter Karine Polwart, who takes us to meet pianist Dave Milligan and his partn...

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee at Chiltern Open Air Museum (Sound Story)

Chiltern Open Air Museum (COAM) marked the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by inviting some very special guests from local care homes to a celebratory tea dance. With hundreds of other visitors touring the 45-acre site, there was a mood of fun and celebration. Te...

Falklands War – the reporter's story (Sound Story)

In April 1982, Argentine forces invaded the Falkland Islands. BBC radio reporter Laurie Margolis gained the first confirmation from the Islands, via a fragile shortwave radio link, that the invasion had taken place. He told his story to the Imperial War Mu...

Alternative Armed Forces Day (Sound Story)

As the nation celebrated 'Armed Forces Day' a group of Quakers audited their garden ecology and drank tea for peace. Produced by Oral History Sound Recording, July 2022.

A Day in the Life of Honey the Dog

3 Jul, 2022 · Slow Radio
Join Honey, a 15-year-old fox-red labrador, as she goes about her day.

The Life of Birds – interview with George Moreton (Radio Walks)

22 Jun, 2022 · Radio Walks & Sound Stories
George Moreton is a passionate ornithologist living in the Chiltern Hills. He travels the world to watch birds. In this episode of Radio Walks, George guides novice 'twitcher' Jonathan Kempster on a walk through the Gade River Valley. We learn the truth ab...

Jamie Webster in Liverpool

16 Jun, 2022 · Folk on Foot
“My city, my people, my heart” – Jamie Webster loves his home city of Liverpool – and Liverpool loves Jamie Webster. The young singer and songwriter started out performing chants for fans of Liverpool FC, which led to a gig in front of 60,000 at th...

Very High Frequency Between Gravesend and Greenhithe

29 May, 2022 · Slow Radio
The sounds of a small boat on the tidal Thames and the calls on its two-way radio.

Sounds of the Earth – April

25 May, 2022 · Slow Radio
Relax with a calming mix of music and natural sounds. Featuring recordings of spring birdsong in Bath, Leamington Spa, Gloucestershire, and the island of Mauritius, sent in by Radio 3 Breakfast listeners Colette Wilson, Anthea Asprey, Judy Bailey and John ...

Raynor Winn and the Gigspanner Big Band on the South West Coast Path

12 May, 2022 · Folk on Foot
Raynor Winn’s best-selling book “The Salt Path” tells how she and her husband Moth became homeless just as he was diagnosed with a terminal neuro-degenerative disease. Despite this, they set off to walk the 630 challenging miles of the South West Coa...

Slow Motion Sounds

24 Apr, 2022 · Slow Radio
Stockholm-based artist Milo Lavén reveals the hidden world within slowed-down sounds.

Sounds of the Earth – March

19 Apr, 2022 · Slow Radio
Relax with a calming mix of music and natural sounds, from the Fens to the Scilly Isles via St Albans and Shaftesbury. Featuring recordings of birds, frogs and horses made by Radio 3 listeners Susie Nicholls, Tom Perrett, David Learner and Stuart Macer.

Grace Petrie in Leicester

14 Apr, 2022 · Folk on Foot
Grace Petrie sometimes introduces herself on stage as “a socialist, feminist, lesbian protest singer”. Her acutely observed songs range from political and passionate to personal and profound.  She’s also been known to turn her hand to comedy. In thi...

Thames Estuary at Leigh-on-Sea: an interview with Pablo Behrens (Radio Walks)

13 Apr, 2022 · Radio Walks & Sound Stories
Pablo Behrens was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and has lived in London since 1980. He is an award-winning producer, writer, and director. In 2021 he bought a boat for £1 and navigated the Thames Estuary, producing the short film 'The Crossing'. The work d...

fat man’s folly

A narrow gap in a drystone wall or rock face ie one a fat man would be foolish to try to get through. A number exist in the Lake District bearing that specific name but it is also a general term in Cumbria for any narrow gap.

Added by Alan Cleaver

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