Don Gill - Walking
Day 387 – Coulee Dog Run / Iniskim (Sacred Buffalo Stone) and 7.9 km drawing

8 Apr, 2021

Submit your work for Sound Walk September 2021

23 Mar, 2021

You can now submit your work and events for Sound Walk September 2021. Participate in this huge network of walking artists and artist walkers.

On memories, loss, and change

10 Dec, 2020

Stefaan van Biesen revisits a walk he shared decades ago, reflecting on change, as well as the lack of change.

Clarity during lockdown

30 Nov, 2020

Emma Welton creates hand-drawn illustrated maps as a kind of graphic scores, capturing the sounds of her environment, creating short walks where participants experience new and familiar sounds in different ways.

When only the ears may travel

19 Nov, 2020

Carina Pesch talks about her album "The Ears May Travel", created as a reflection on the challenge of travel during COVID.

The 42 walks of Contención Island

12 Nov, 2020

Martin P Eccles reflects on his 42 walks during British lockdown, creating an island of experience with his house at the center.

Los esperamos!

9 Nov, 2020

Elspeth Penfold discusses the background to her shortlisted A different LENS, around the ideas of psychogeography, disruption, and the Long Table.

Remembering the dead

2 Nov, 2020

Richard White talks about his work 'Walking the Names, highlighting the deaths of thousands who died in poverty in the Bath Union Workhouse, between 1858 and 1899.

Seeing, from hearing

23 Oct, 2020

Carlos Queiroz discusses the background to his work "Seeing from hearing while walking", one of the shortlisted pieces of the SWS20 Awards.

30 days of walking: citizen sourced Slow Radio

11 Sep, 2020

Handing the controls over to the listener might not be the best advice in every case for broadcasting radio but when one is trying to create a month long sound walk it seemed the obvious thing to do.