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Walking Piece SWS20
The 42 walks of Contención Island

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Walking Piece SWS20
A Different LENS

The Margate Bookie and Margate NOW2020 delivered through

Kent, UK

Walking Piece
Treasure Hunt for the Imagination
Walking Piece
A Guided Walk of the Industrial History of the Lower Lea Valley and Olympic Park – (3 of 4)

Newham Heritage Month

Stratford, London, UK

Walking Piece SWS20
Forest Talk Radio: Old Growth

David Merleau in partnership with the Municipality of Temagami

Temagami, ON, Canada

Walking Piece SWS20
Further Adventures in Deep Canine Topography: Attending to Rhythm and Reptition
Walking Piece SWS20
Home Maker Sounds
Walking Piece SWS20

Ljudmila and Cona institute

Vilharjeva cesta, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Walking Piece SWS20
The Texture of Air

330 Grays Inn Road, London, UK

Walking Piece
Walking the Michael and Mary Lines

Kriya Arts

In September 2020 Jolie Booth went on a pilgrimage, walking the St Michael's ley line from Land's End to Hopton-on-Sea on the Norfolk coast. It's about 500 miles.