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Walking Piece SWS21
Lore of The Wild

Metal and London Borough of Bexley for Estuary 2021.

Lesnes Abbey Woods, Walden Close, Belvedere, UK

Walking Piece SWS21
Political Soundwalks: listening to the political protests in Minsk, Belarus

Walking as a Question

Minsk, Belarus

Walking Piece SWS21
Where am I? A dislocated soundwalk

HUB Prespa

Walking Piece SWS22
Are you a Ghost Hunter? An Audio Trail of The Old Church

Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 9ES, UK

St Mary’s Old Church is London’s only surviving Elizabethan churchyard, where the tombstone inscriptions have been lost to weather and time. This self-directed audio trail pieces together the fragments of story. Produced October 2021.

Walking Piece SWS21
Flora and the Baron

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Royal Botanic Gardens, Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Walking Piece SWS21

Walking as a Question

Brighton, UK

Walking Piece SWS21
Mesopotamian mud: A journey through voice and vessel

MUD collective

Walking Piece SWS21

Walk This Play®

Cutting Room Square, Ancoats, Manchester, UK

Walking Piece SWS21
Nida School Chronicle

Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center Agila

Nida, Lithuania

The plot of this soundwalk opera is based on real text written in Nida (Lithuania) by german speaking school teachers between 1922 an 1945. It reflects on the real historical events that were happening around the town of Nida, in the Curonian Spit.

Walking Piece SWS21
Performing memory in familiar places

Antartiko, Greece