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Walking piece details

recordings of the project

This project consists of a sonic mapping of birdsong in the La Perla area, in the city of Mar del Plata, in Argentina.

The work focuses on pointing out the different ‘sound territories’, defined by the different songs. The map invites the passerby, the listener, to take note of the place through those sounds.

The map was constructed through the identification of these sound territories, or ‘sound points’, and include particular trees and urban structures, each examples where the songs of local birds are concentrated.
This is a foldable map, like a typical tourist map, and it guides the participant through the neighbourhood’s sonority, operating as a guide to the species of birds and to the trees that give them shelter.

The project will include sign posts at each location bearing the notice: “Listen. Here, birds sing.”.

The recordings are published online as a sound heritage archive of the neighborhood.



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