30 Aug 2017 | LucyFurLeaps

#SourcePark Hastings

A week staying in a tiny cottage in Hastings Old Town took on a new significance for my scooter-obsessed son when we discovered, on our second day here, that a 20 minute walk along the promenade would take us to The Source Park – the world’s largest underground skatepark. The Source building was originally the … Continue reading #SourcePark Hastings →

29 Aug 2017 | writethemap

Protocol 5 – The View from the Map

    Baudrillard famously said ‘hence, the map precedes the territory,’ suggesting maps can conceptualise terrains and construct solid topologies, without needing to set a foot on… Read more "Protocol 5 – The View from the Map"

28 Aug 2017 | THE LRM

September events

   September brings a bumper crop of psychogeographical shenanigans. For First Sunday, This Sunday we’ll be embarking on one of our occasional twilight wanders. Meet us at the Engels statue in Tony Wilson Place at 7pm on Sunday 4th Se...

28 Aug 2017 | Mindy Goose

Tetley Workshop – Mini Trini Garden

SUNDAY Day two of The Tetley’s ‘Fantasy Carnival Garden’ and it was a hot one! Felt like we were actually in the Caribbean and not the Brewery Green outside. We had lots of visitors and returning families from yesterday. All the struc...

26 Aug 2017 | Mindy Goose

Tetley Workshop – Festival Carnival Garden

SATURDAY This weekend there are four artist workshops at The Tetley as part of the 50 year anniversary of Leeds West Indies Carnival. Each workshop is based around this theme, and together we are building a fantasy carnival garden. Mechanical Flowers &...