22 Apr 2018 | exercises in being here

Here Be Dragons

  Tomorrow is the Diada de Sant Jordi who is famous for killing a dragon and traditionally it is celebrated here in Catalunya with books. It is also the memorial day for Miguel de Cervantes, he died on that day in 1616, a year after the second ...

22 Apr 2018 | exercises in being here

Seeing things

I was inside behind my computer when I heard fast footsteps, many of them. It sounded like people on the run. No other sounds, just running. When it didn’t stop I went out on my balcony. A stream of people, most of them in bright yellow shirts were ...

21 Apr 2018 | exercises in being here

To recreate (in) nature

  There was a lot of driftwood and small bright blue objects with white and transparent skeletons were scattered across the wet sand. There was so much of it, all similarly shaped, and their colour seemed so out of place that I thought they were t...

20 Apr 2018 | exercises in being here


He built himself a house, his foundations, his stones, his walls, his roof overhead, his chimney and smoke, his view from the window. He made himself a garden, his fence, his thyme, his earthworm, his evening dew. He cut out his bit of sky above. And h...

19 Apr 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Calm And Busy At Roehampton Campus

Roehampton University campus early on an April week day morning Impressions: Blossom, daffodils, dandelions, busy swans and geese on the lake, warmth, mild sunshine, campus construction work, sense of calm busyness. Question: With unlimited time and fu...

19 Apr 2018 | jademontserratdotcom

Price on Request

Hello, This post is about the work I am exhibiting in there’s something in the conversation that is more interesting than the finality of a (title) at The Showroom, London which runs until 5 May 2018. The exhibition represents the culmination of our commitment to the year long Holding Space artist programme at The Showroom. The work, titled Price […]

18 Apr 2018 | Radical Stroud

Collecting Football Autographs

Do you remember collecting autographs, When the football specials steamed back west, When the last faint gleams of terrace street sun Slipped behind the shadows of the stands, And the ground went abruptly quiet and numb, When the crowd made i...

18 Apr 2018 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2018-04-18 07:31:01

One of the joys of exchanging walks with people is learning new skills and trying out new methods. This week I walked with Julius Smit, a photographer, experimental poet and member of the Walking Artists Network. He also creates zines based on his walks. For our exchange, we decided to take black and white photographs, […]

17 Apr 2018 | Landscapism

Pagan sampler interlude

New substantive post on the way soon, an archaeology of walking; in the meantime here's a musical interlude, some post-Easter pagan and animist sounds.Trembling Bells - Christ's Entry Into GovanGoat - Let It BurnMandy Morton and Spriguns (Spriguns of T...