31 Oct 2019 | Reading and Walking

Wandering Around Plymouth

I’m here for a walking conference, so what else was I going to do on my free day in Plymouth except go for a walk? I got a late start: I slept much longer than I’d expected. I must’ve been tired from the flight and the long bus ride here and the late arrival. I […]

30 Oct 2019 | THE LRM

Novembers First Sunday and PSPO Update / Call for Help

First Sunday This Sunday.... and we will be with lots of other creative wanderers at Walkings New Movement in Plymouth. So instead we will meet for a mid week night time derive.....   Join us 7pm Wednesday November 6th in Cutting Room Square Ancoats. Please try and be prompt as we will be moving on by 7.10 and I can't share a route because I don't know where we will be going..... As ever our walk will be free and open to all. For more information please see twitter @thelrm or email [email protected]


PAS – Parcours audio sensible en duo d’écoute avec Isabelle Favre – La croix Rousse de haut en bas

Une fois n’est pas coutume, partant de la place Croix-Paquet, au pied des pentes de ce quartier emblématique, toujours à Lyon, nous empruntons le Métro à crémaillère pour rejoindre la place de la Croix-Rousse, sur le plateau. Histoire d’entendre la machine et ses voyageurs, dans une rame très peuplée à cette heure-ci, vers les 9H30 … Continuer à lire ... "PAS – Parcours audio sensible en duo d’écoute...

27 Oct 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Wayfinding Walk: An Uplifting, Adventurous Appraisal

Are you feeling pulled in many directions by your work? Are you feeling overwhelmed, distracted or even stuck? Sometimes we are so busy that we can’t gain the headspace we need to see if we are busy doing the right things. Or better still, take the time out we need to be less busy and … Wayfinding Walk: An Uplifting, Adventurous AppraisalRead More »