24 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

SW Coast Path on the telly

I just happened across this by accident but the BBC is showing a new five-part series in which explorer Paul Rose walks the 630 miles of the SW Coast Path – Britain's longest national walking trail. The first episode just went out and you can catch it on iPlayer here: Coastal Path. After walking a […]


PAS – Parcours Audio Sensibles et Points d’ouïe, vers des territoires élargis

Durant des années, l’écriture et la pratique de PAS – Parcours Audio Sensibles ont été essentiellement liées, en ce qui me concerne, à des approches esthétiques et écologiques, notamment dans la construction de paysages sonores et de points d’ouïe partagés. Ces marchécoutes collectives s’appuyaient, et d’ailleurs s’appuient encore, sur des notions de paysage/musique et d’écologie &hell...

24 Feb 2020 | Walk Coach Learn

Finding a City Church

Interested in taking a wander to a nearby church but not sure where to go? (Here are some good reasons to visit a city church). There are 48 churches in the square mile of the City of London plus around 10 towers or standing remains of churches.  It’s my current mission to visit as many … Finding a City ChurchRead More »

24 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

Photos from Dark Moon Walking

The inaugural Walkspace walk took place on Sunday night and we were very pleased with how it went. Eight of us were led by Fiona Cullinan through a recreation ground, a park and along the canal under the clear black skies of a new moon. We were walking through areas that held no fear during […]

23 Feb 2020 | rdb notes

Terminalia 2020

In what has become traditional fashion, Terminalia was celebrated in Aberystwyth on 23rd February, feast day of the God Terminus. It was customary to walk the boundary of the town that day, visiting the boundary markers of which Terminus was the custod...

23 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

Footnotes – a YouTube Channel

I've just launched a YouTube channel called Footnotes as an outlet for my walking related videos. Having spent several years working on a ridiculously massive film project about the Central Library (coming soon), it will be nice to get back to shorter, more regular output. The first video is an account of the Cross City […]

22 Feb 2020 | Walk Coach Learn

Take a Wander to a City Church

It’s cold and windy outside. It’s tempting to eat lunch at your desk and avoid going out. Still, you know that a wander will clear your head and lift your mood. Instead of staying in or going out in search of coffee, you could try something a bit different. How about visiting a nearby church? … Take a Wander to a City ChurchRead More »

21 Feb 2020 | Curated News

Grand Tour – An art walk of 200 km in Catalonia

    [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ty8xbp-Uv4[/embed]   There are several stages during the art walk. In each one an artist or group of artists will share something with the visitors: music, dance, visual arts, poetry… Every day people walk about 15 to 25 kilometers along with an artist or a group of artists who have prepared something for them. The path follows a topographical spiral down and around the region, crossing urban and rural areas, natural landscapes, and seaside or mountain trails. Both during the walk and at stops, the artists perform and make their artistic interventions—poetry, dance, installations, music. Day and night. Source: Grand Tour – Un proyecto de Nau Côclea


Parcours Audio Sensibles nocturnes, nuits sur écoute

En préambule, donner à entendre, la nuit Entendre, la nuit. Écouter est une activité qui peut nous sembler naturelle, plus ou moins consciente, presque vitale dans certaines circonstances, ou tout au moins des plus importantes dans des relations sociales au quotidien. Écouter son environnement, au-delà des situations de crise, d’agression et de pollution sonore, est … Continuer à lire ... "Parcours Audio Sensibles nocturnes, nuits sur &eacu...

20 Feb 2020 | Radical Stroud

Radical Stroud Walks programme 2020

Some walks confirmed – others will have dates confirmed on this website – others more tentative – walkers may need to check social media etc or Good on Paper for precise details. After discussing it with Radical Stroud members, we can’t do Saturdays, I...

20 Feb 2020 | Curated News

The Artist Walking Between Two Seas in Istanbul

For years, artist Serkan Taycan has documented a nearly 40-mile route through the outskirts of Istanbul, which traverses rarely seen landscapes. He facilitates walks through the area, now at risk due to a proposed shipping canal. Source: The Artist Walking Between Two Seas in Istanbul