30 Jul 2020 | Reading and Walking

Walking on a Hot Summer Morning

I left the house earlier than I did on Tuesday, but still not early enough to beat the heat. I should’ve set the alarm and left before seven o’clock, but I didn’t, and I dithered at my computer while the sun got higher in the sky. Eventually I tied my boots and started walking. I […]


Tentative de mode d’emploi d’épuisements d’espaces

Translate this page Un auteur Trois livres Une généreuse source d’inspiration(s) Georges Pérec est pour moi une véritable mine d’or pour inspirer et stimuler des projets. Une œuvre vers laquelle je reviens régulièrement, comme vers un ressourcement généreux. Espèces d’espaces Envisager une multitude d’espaces différents, entremêles, inhabitables, superposés, juxtaposés, du plus intime au p...

30 Jul 2020 | THE LRM

August 2020 First Sunday

Hello everyone It’s first Sunday, this Sunday and so time to walk together again. As I explained last month we will continue with the physically disconnected methods for now so everyone who wants to can join in, wherever they are, inside or out....

30 Jul 2020 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Walk 66

Ambulant* walk, Lethbridge, AlbertaGo for a walk.  Looking for text, looking for signs.  We still walk, we still communicate, we still live with each other in these times, in all times.  We're in it together. Location: Downtown and back home, Lethbridge, AlbertaLength: 5 kmCompanions: Coffee break with M & L at the halfway pointDate: 30 July 2020*Ambulant walkshop with thanks to artist B. Lounder, from the Drifting Bodies/Fluent Spaces walking conference,  Gu [...]


Éloignement et terrain

  L’essentiel de mon travail, en tous cas dans les phases de maturation de projets, se passe dehors. Je veux dire en dehors de chez moi. Assis sur un banc, des marches d’escalier, en arpentant la ville, un hall de gare, d’aéroport (avant…). Carnet de notes en main, rempli de notes (parfois très difficiles à … Continuer à lire ... "Éloignement et terrain"

28 Jul 2020 | Reading and Walking

Carrying the Weight Walk

I’m planning a walk before the summer ends—not a very long walk, just a few days, but long enough that I need to do something to get ready, since a six weeks or more of sitting and writing has done less than nothing to help me prepare. So this morning I left the house carrying […]


Point d’ouïe, une gestuelle auriculaire de l’intime

L’oreille (tout) contre Il existe d’innombrables façons d’écouter, de tendre l’oreille, des plus intimes, celles qui nous intéressent ici, jusqu’aux plus ostentatoires. Parmi ces façons, nous trouvons une posture physique que j’adore, coller l’oreille à, coller l’oreille contre, que j’ai d’ailleurs déjà mise en scène, dans une partition de PAS – Parcours Audio Sensible N°5. … ...

27 Jul 2020 | Walk Coach Learn

Lockdown Daisies

In March, like all of us in the UK, my wandering became limited to a once a day walk within my local area. And so began my lockdown daisy project – a photo each week day. These bright, sturdy flowers bloom for months and can grow all over the place. This became a daily hunt … Lockdown DaisiesRead More »

27 Jul 2020 | Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage - Blog

a letter from (no place like) Home

All correspondence now begins with the routine, but heartfelt,Dear Friend, hope you are safe and well...and I do….In my nuclear armageddon nightmares a half life and more ago I used to imagine the slow cloud of fallout drifting towards us on the weather, invisible and deadly.So I have dreamed these moments of spring grass and green, yellow, blue,when the plant world bursts into life.But in the joy of this moment there is dread.Strange walking at dawn,getting up early to get out, no [...]

26 Jul 2020 | Keep Moving Flow

Tornando Visível o Invisível

Parte I – O que estava “invisível” O meu “objeto” tem vida.  É um “ser” que viaja facilmente através do ar, de tão leve que é constituído. Sei que é macio, mesmo sem tê-lo tocado.  E pode ser de diversas … Continue reading →

25 Jul 2020 | Richard White

One Lost Stone

website review: the virus forces the imagination. The show that became a website. An experience we could not have imagined: One Lost Stone, directed by Thomas Kampe for Pascal Theatre Company was coming together as Covid-19 struck. In the time … Continue reading →

25 Jul 2020 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Walk 65

South Coulee, Southern AlbertaIt's all about the grasses at this time of year. So many shapes and shadows and shades of green. I set out along deer trails, hoping to pick some Saskatoon berries. Finding instead the sage and tumbleweeds and badger holes and rusted out farm machinery and thistles and lichens and fields of barley. Thinking about the non-dualism of map and terrain. Location: South Coulee, Southern AlbertaLength: 3 kmCompanions: noneDate: 25 July, 2020 [...]

24 Jul 2020 | 33 Temple

Shadow walk

Following the previous two posts regarding the changes in our observations of our immediate surroundings caused by the COVID-19 situation, I would like to present the current progress of another photographic project series.This project grew out of noti...