Its Valentine’s Day

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Dear Mungo, 

Its Valentine’s Day, I walk, like many days, around you, out of the garden, right, railway line, puddles, mud, train passes, driver hoots, up, and along, right, left, through the trees, the sitka, heavily managed, my heart, it calms, the nearer I come, the pace, the peace, the surrounds, like love, the view, the Deveron, the flow, nobody else there, just us, you, and me, my love, I round you, my hill, like so often, how often, have we done this, your warm air, your fresh smell, the pine parfume, eau de forêt, must go, back, the track, the pace, along, check phone, oh no, send, message, along, check phone, oh no, send, message, get back, turn right, turn left, the stone, the train track, no train, not hoot, puddle, mud, turn left, my garden, laptop, message. 

Happy Valentines Day! 


Claudia Zeiske

Marŝarto Grand Jury 2023 Writer in residence 2021/22

Claudia Zeiske is a Scotland based curator and art activist who realises a lot of her projects through walking, bringing people, ideas and politics together.

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