Londronette Reminiscence Walk – A memory walk through London

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Wentsworth Rd, aka Pettycoat Lane, stayed there lots, with Stefan, then boyfriend, now friend, where was the house, here?, no here?, the noise, of the set up, of the stalls, iron clinking, cappuccino, café Nora, signal Stefan, he in Beirut, which house?, bubbles & squeak, like then, the stalls appear, the clothing, the socks, wonderful pajamas, a man shouts, the African textile shops, a feast of colour, in this grey world, walk on, city quite, its Sunday, the tower, a willow sculpture, in the making, is it art?, the bridge, cross left, steps down, where is it, Horseleydown mansion, difficult to let, then, £17 a week, all inclusive, in 1988, with all the slash hammers around me, the noise, the dust, now, I see, window, of estate agent, £3000 a month, not here? cant be, here it is, poshed up, photo, thanks Nick, walk on, criss, cross, Tooley Street, who is Tooley?, London bridge, poshed up station, Borough market, all change, where is a toilet?, first house, 1986, Park St, not the Monopoly one, at least then, now maybe, the noise, the train, now a hip café, the Wheathsheaf pub, open all night, it was, secret tip, because of the market workers, Stoney St, our squad, 1987, first floor, above the veg shop, all wholesale, avocados, he through them, through the window, now an oyster bar, who owns it?, an oligarch? are they always Russian?, the oligarchs?, the war is raging, elsewhere, Kiev, Mekele, Mariupol, Sanaa, Odessa, Juba, not here, with the oysters, the hip cafés, the money washing city, the Londronette, walk on, under bridge, Cannon St, TATE, the modern, check in, get ticket, online, surveillance, or safety?, walk round, up, down, BABEL, Cildo Meireles, 100s, of radios, all analogue, all talking, at the same time, no listening, in this world, wished I was, like Cildo, clever, smart, do something important, making people listen, out, need to get out, Millennium bridge, St Paul’s, Bank, more oligarchs, not just the Russian ones, Strand, along, along, the LSE, me there, 1987, have some of them, become oligarchs?, the people, I studied, drank, laughed with?, you are the elite!, they told us, never felt like it, not me, I am, just a Mitläufer, a follower, equally guilty?, over Trafalagar, Pall Mall, walk walk, ICA, an exhibition, about Sex Workers, from all over, Britain, Germany, France, all over, too much, need to go, too much, a bunker, queen’s guards, tourists, take photos, funny, Downing Street, the flags, the yellow, the blue, the wheatfields, and the sky, the speaches, the tears, the young woman, patriotic, calling us, to shout, we shout, SLAVA UKRAINE, SLAVA UKRAINE, Glory, Glory, I walk off, cappuccino, cake, hip café. 

Claudia Zeiske

Marŝarto Grand Jury 2023 Writer in residence 2021/22

Claudia Zeiske is a Scotland based curator and art activist who realises a lot of her projects through walking, bringing people, ideas and politics together.


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