The Spaces in between – Girona


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Five years ago, I attended the Made of Walking Encounters in La Romieu in 2017. In 2019, I began to organise many walks along city motorways where the format is short: I walk with an audience for one and a half to two hours only. This year I wanted to participate with the same short-format, motorway walk as it was a good opportunity to share this work.

The 2022 Encounters were taking place in three cities in Catalunya: Girona, Olot and Vic. In preparation, I surfed the web and looked at maps, discovering that in Girona a part of the border of the city exactly overlays the ‘Autopista del Mediterráneo’. My plan became clear – I knew where we would walk.



Cyril Bron is a walking artist. He has a interest for the shifting and how the territory has an influence of the human perception. After fine art school in 2006, he has been interested for the periphery in society. He makes films and writes paths in the ci...


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