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“We asked ourselves — if we could move 1,200 trees through a city center for over 100 days, then imagine what else we could do,” said Bruno Doedens, a Dutch landscape architect an…

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Babak Fakhamzadeh

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Babak was working in ICT4D before it had a name (2001), never really left it, and knows how to throw together a pretty mean combination of a wide array of programming languages, both frontend and backend. He brought photomarathons to Africa (2007) and won ...


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    1,200 walking trees take over central Leeuwarden – DutchNews.nl

    · 7 May, 2022
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    sound walk land – Feature Ursendung am 23.06.2020, 22:03 Uhr

    Ruben Kurschat
    · 25 May, 2020
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    On a Glocal City

    · 2 Oct, 2015
  • Walking Piece

    Walled Ground, a Free Zone for Seedlings / a path is made by walking

    · Since 2016
  • Walking Event SWS20

    Nightwalk Werkspoor 2020_9

    · Expodium · 2020-09-24 18:00

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