31 Jan 2018 | open walk

Justin Timberlake and Bono – Pre Super Bowl 2018

We meet a few blocks from the new stadium on the evening of January 30.  The early darkness of winter has already blanketed the town in a hushed cold.  We decide to walk away from the stadium to avoid being seen.  Both my walking partners slouch in the cover of their oversized hoods, seeking to […]

13 Dec 2017 | open walk

Counting with Sandra Agustin

I approached  Sandy with an idea for a small walking experiment.  Simply put, we would each silently count our steps as we walked together.  The experiment relates to an interest in ways of being present in a place,  I wondered if counting steps would make us more or less aware of place.    The process, […]

17 Oct 2017 | open walk

Lynn-Lake with Tisidra

A walk with Tisidra Jones – September, 2017 We wander in our past         walking as a part of history         walking in the unknown present space that belonged to neither of us mind in and out of place and absence        noticing a purple house   […]

21 Jun 2017 | open walk

Rural Arts and Culture Summit

Chris Bell submitted the following images as a part of his experience participating in the Walking in Creative Space breakout session I facilitated at the Rural Arts and Culture Summit.  In this experiential breakout session we briefly talked about the value of walking as a creative practice within our communities.   At the conclusion of […]

07 Apr 2017 | open walk

March 31, 2017, 9 am, with Marcus Y.

(With Marcus Young) This walk, on the calendar longer than most, holds the soft edge of cold. Walking in the unfamiliar, looking back on the space we’ve been in. Seeking warmth, the street only offers beginnings of answers. Allusions to spring, r...

09 Feb 2017 | open walk

St. James with Sandy: Scratching the Surface

The Walk (one way) On a warmer the usual January day with fog still hanging in the air, Sandy and I took a short walk on First Avenue in St James, MN.   Walking served as a short physical break from the weighty thought processes with which we were involved.  Yet, despite the need to […]

07 Feb 2017 | open walk

A Walk with Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-‘Amoud

After so much effort to make contact and arrange the details, it is hard to believe that this walk is really happening. We meet at a street corner in Uptown, Minneapolis.  It is early in the morning and most of the busyness of this area has not yet woken from the night before.  As we […]

12 Oct 2016 | open walk

10/3/2016 with Jonathan O.

At the heart of this project are some foundational creative goals: taking the walks with others, be present, investigate how being present creatively changes public space, create artworks in/from the process of walking.  What we talk about and where we go is secondary to the choice to walk together.  Conversation, for the most part, stays […]

05 Aug 2016 | open walk


Vertical Walks ( 44°58’40.14”N, 93°16’32.08”W) With summer came a change in schedule that pulled me away from doing regular walks and posting to this blog.  Yet, I have been doing another type of public art performance-walking, vertically on the side of the Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis.  I have been helping Randy Walker complete an […]

15 Jun 2016 | open walk


Silent walk with Gary Hoover, May 13, 2016 When I started this project I anticipated that the walks would move more towards silence and observation instead of conversation, that anticipation has proven to be consistently misplaced.   Gary has a longstanding practice of silent/ meditative walking and I also gravitate towards solitary silent walks.  That said, […]

10 May 2016 | open walk

May 4, 2016 / Guest post by Richard Yang

May 4, 2016 / 9:51am  / Western Sculpture Park  / Richard D. Vibsawm Yang Meeting up with a complete stranger always brings a sense of unease. However, waiting at the entrance of Western Sculpture Park in St. Paul I feel a comforting sense of nostalgia and an appreciation of time.  Almost 30 years ago, I […]

10 May 2016 | open walk

May 3, 2016 w/Don S.

May 3, 2016  with Don Samuels Walking along Broadway, we talk about storefronts that invite pedestrians and shops that invite cars.  I favor storefronts that invite and engage the walking public, places that say “we are an invested part of this place”.  The face of each business (my initial visual/material experience) shapes my expectations for […]