Aurora dos Campos

Aurora dos Campos is an active brazilian set designer and researcher, bachelor in Performing Arts - Scenography by the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro and Master in Art and Design for the Public Space by the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto. As a researcher, she focuses about the thresholds between fiction and materiality in different contexts, from the scene to the urban space. Thus, she has been developing hybrid projects that explore relations between spatiality and dramaturgy.Her work as a set designer is mainly dedicated to theater, between Brazil and Portugal. In these countries collaborates, among others with: the Foguetes Maravilha (f.2008), Cia dos Atores (f.1989), Coletivo Improviso (f.2001); and creators Alex Cassal, Cristina Moura, Enrique Diaz, Isabel Cavalcanti, Filipe Caldeira and Guilherme Leme. For her works she received important awards from the Performing Arts of Brazil. She is an APCEN - Portuguese Association of scenography - member of directive board.