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Tom Hicks

Tom Hicks is the artist behind Black Country Type.

Presented via his Instagram account @Blackcountrytype is an ongoing photographic project. In this series of images he applies his unique aesthetic to the region, focusing on words, typography, handmade lettering and signs. He also photographs ‘types’ of architectural features, objects and the post-industrial landscape of the area.

His images are taken on freeform walks through the Black Country region.

September 2023 saw the publication of the retrospective photobook, Black Country Type (The Modernist).

"Black Country Type documents, as the name suggests, the vernacular and incidental typography of his native West Midlands. The vivid colours he captures somewhat contradict the idea of the ‘Black Country’ and there is definitive jolliness and humour, if somewhat plaintive, nature to his work" - The Modernist.


Walk: He’s traivelled mony a lang gaet.

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