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Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé is a (French) London-based artist, experimental vocalist, free improviser and curator whose practice has evolved from the single discipline of fine art photography into multiple, interconnected work zones: conceptual writing, performance, new musical composition and artist-publishing.
Her works emerge between poetic scores (that also exist as artist publications) and occasions for their activation (installations, performances).
Her music and scores are distributed by Edition Wandelweiser. Some of her artists publications are in collections including V&A, the Poetry Library at Southbank Centre, The Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, Centre Des Livres d’Artistes. Emmanuelle is a reader in fine art and relational practices at University for the Creative Art in Farnham.

mindful walking

A form of mindful movement. It uses the everyday activity of walking as a mindfulness practice to help you become more aware of the sensations in your body. By tuning into your environment and the sensations in your body as you walk, it can help you to focus on the present moment.

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