Eylem Ertürk

Eylem Ertürk is a researcher, artist and curator living and working in Vienna and Istanbul. She has a background in social design, fine arts photography and cultural management. Since 2005 she has led/initiated/worked in several projects and art institutions as a researcher, editor, curator or manager. She taught at Istanbul Bilgi University Arts and Cultural Management Programme, and edited Local Cultural Policies Handbook (2011). In her work at Anadolu Kültür (2010-2017), she focused on contemporary art practices to bolster cultural dialogue, and curated BAK: Revealing the City through Memory project, exhibitions and publications. She is the co-curator of the Memory and Art in Turkey project (2018-2021), and a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her current work focuses on contemporary art practices on memory and public space, artistic research on social issues and creating platforms for urban participation. She is the founding member of Shared Walks initiative that creates social encounters and critical spaces by walking in cities.

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