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Fiona Cullinan

Fiona Cullinan

(United Kingdom)


Marŝarto23 shortlisted
Fiona is an emerging walking artist and a co-founder of, an art-walking collective in the West Midlands. Since 2019, she has been performing/documenting walks through various political lenses such as safety, surveillance, gentrification and gender+age. During the 2020 lockdown she helped develop the Extreme Noticing methodology for exploring and redefining suburban environments. In 2021 she focused on group Dazzle Walks and Crone Walks in central Birmingham. Fiona also has a practice in analogue handmade collage and is a founding member of the Birmingham Collage Collective with work shown in group exhibitions and publications.


In the 1600s, anteambulate referred to walking in front of someone to show them the way, like an usher. Credits to Mark Peters.

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