IVYnode is a Non-Profit Association based in Barcelona that work in urban context but also in small local communities with the aim to bring art and knowledges also in the villages where is normally not possible to access the variety of artistic stimuli that a big city offers. IVYnode aims to build a space where the inhabitants of the small communities and experts can learn from each other through the organization of events, projects, exhibitions, workshops. IVYnode is coordinated by Ivana Pinna and Thomas Keis.

Ivana Pinna is a multidisciplinary artist, Catalyst at IVYnode responsible for the planning, implementation, organization of the AiR program, events and curatorial exibition projects.
Master Degree in Political Science, ITC Specialist, Yoga Tearcher Certification Training, Anatomy of Movements methodology Certification with Blandine Calais Germain, Postgraduate at the Teatro de los Sentidos with Enrique Vargars, Certification on "Social and Cultural Antropology" at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). She tries to interrelate all the various disciplines by broadening her research on walking, relational art, sociology, anthropology, digital communication system and languages.

Thomas Keis, Awarded with the“ Meisterpreis“ Prize by the Akademie für Gestaltung und Desing in Munich. Multidisciplinary artist and walker, cabinetmaker from the German school. He has spent 15 years designing and manufacturing in his studio and workshop in countryside very close to the mountains of Monserrat near Barcelona where he finds inspiration for his project works.

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