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Jessica Mazzotti

Jessica Mazzotti

Born in Italy, I’ve lived in France and Uruguay. I’m interested in different fields regarding the interaction within arts and between arts and commuity building. I participate to mixed art collaborative projects (Montevideo, Paris, Cordoba, etc.) and I’m studing the potential of creativity in the reappropriation of public space in a collective lab called Ted The Mole (Florence). I like writing, dancing, drawing, singing, recording, engraving, book-binding, inventing music, translating, listening people’s stories and more.


A drawing made on an outside environment, trafitti combines the word “graffiti”, to inscribe a surface, “trace” (which itself combines the meanings track, to make ones way, and to draw), and “traffic”, the passage of people or vehicles in transit, or the conveyance of messages or data through a communications system.

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