05 Feb 2019 | martin.p.eccles: walk time place sound


I start at the back of the wooden church. In the evening light, a family wanders the graveyard but at dawn I am alone. Along the narrow path the back-of-the-beach grass transitions into the ridges, fissures and clefts of the … Continue reading →

14 Sep 2017 | walk time place sound

My Allenbanks Renga

Having talked about the writing process in a previous post, here is the Renga that I wrote. The edge of autumn   Today’s truth – the seventh month is our ninth white river brown   grassheads dance to a chainsaw’s … Continue reading →

11 Jul 2017 | walk time place sound

Sound+Environment 2017, University of Hull

A four-day conference of sound incorporating the overlap between art and science.  The format was three parallel paper sessions in the morning and afternoon, lunchtime and evening concerts and installations running from 11.00 to 19.00.  Keynote sessions were given by … Continue reading →

23 Jun 2017 | walk time place sound

4 Midsummer’s Eve Rants

Building on the slowly growing series of Cageian pieces I have just completed a set 4 walks based on the Island of Alnham.  This mythical island in mid Northumberland is based around a 13th century church and contains a peel … Continue reading →

06 Mar 2017 | walk time place sound

Northumbrian Rants: Rant 4

Rant 4 Step 1 A relatively early start (on February 5th) so that I am at the first site shortly after sunup.  A large field of winter wheat and still, cold air.  It doesn’t seem to be overlooked by any … Continue reading →

22 Feb 2017 | walk time place sound

Northumbrian Rants: Rant 3

Rant 3 is done (Sunday 29th January) with my friend Jeremy Grimshaw who is responsible for a lot of my Cagean input. Rant 3 Step 1 A long drive to the Tweed valley, sequential turns onto diminishing roads gets us … Continue reading →

13 Feb 2017 | walk time place sound

Northumbrian Rants: Rant 2

In general this (Friday 27th January) was a cold, still day.  On step 2 the temperature rose to 5C but the rest of the time it was 1C.  I still have the first recording of the day challenge of sorting … Continue reading →