Michiel Huijsman

Michiel Huijsman


Michiel Huijsman, Amsterdam 1963, is an artist, researcher and independent curator based in Amsterdam.
He is the initiator and driving force behind several renowned long-lasting collaborative artprojects in Amsterdam public space. In the pre-digital age he realised huge outdoor light projects including Wally Public Artifical Light (1996-2002), Oehoe (2001), InnerCityWally (2002), Greenlight (2005), The White Tube (2007) and Gloei! (2013–now).

Together with Renate Zentschnig he is the co-founder and co-director of Soundtrackcity, a nonprofit artist-led organisation focussing on research and the developement of new collaborative artistic practices concerning sound and the urban milieu. Soundtrackcity developes new forms of media art and demonstrates new listening practices, initiates participatory research projects with local communities and produces soundwalks with and without headphones. Founded in 2009, Soundtrackcity is active in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Istanbul and Berlin.

The organization has developed from a curatorial collective producing sound art in public space to a participatory and artistic research agency that focuses on the social, political and cultural aspects of sonic urban environments. At the moment Soundtrackcity is involved in three research projects, each developed together with different communities and organisations: Sonic West, Crowdsourcing Mr. Visserplein and Urban Sound Lab

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