Nelson David

My first encounter with Meditation and Mindfulness was 15 years ago and it has proved truly life changing. Back then I was a comedy writer/performer and I do still perform at the occasional Spoken Word event, but 3 years ago I took the decision to become a Mindfulness teacher.

I completed an 8 week MBCT course and then subsequently the year long Teacher Training Foundation course in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at the renowned Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Life can be a struggle but Mindfulness is a wonderful gift that helps us through the difficulties but also enables us to really appreciate the potential for moments of joy too.

Walking Meditation is an important component in both Buddhist Meditation techniques and Mindfulness. It is an activity many of us take for granted but Mindfulness reveals its true complexity.
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    Introducing Mindfulness

    Introducing: Mindfulness. 64 likes. Mindfulness is a buzz word yet not everyone knows what it entails. I am Nelson David and my intention is to demystify Mindfulness for total beginners but also...
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    Mindful Walking and Sounds Experience

    · 2020-09-19 09:30