Ove Holmqvist

Ove Holmqvist

Ove Holmqvist is an artist, producer and designer who combines music psychology, bioculture and interaction design to create improvised music experiences based on real-world phenomena and data sonification.

Through physical computing and biosensors, Ove develops assistive music technologies that can be used to make contextually relevant, biologically and perceptually grounded electronic music experiences. With these tools, he aims to diffuse the roles of producer and listener while contributing to a culture of better, more interactive and inclusive music enjoyment.

He is also active as a researcher and educator, particularly in the fields of sonification, experimental dance and ubiquitous music.

Ove is currently researching large scale musical interactions in smart city contexts for Queen Mary University London’s AI+Music project.

(Profile photo by Brad Nath.)

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    Babak Fakhamzadeh
    Ove Holmqvist
    · 6 May, 2021